Klangwelle Laxenburg

For the first time the project KLANGWELLE is taking place near of Vienna in the magical garden of Laxenburg.

The speciality of this show was an outstanding combination of a 50 meters wide water fountains system with the elements water, light, laser, fire, video projection and life performance of high level professional musicians for whom a special hydraulic center stage was designed and constructed by our company. The international percussion group dramatical theatre, spectacular water drums, fascinating violinist Magdalena Wieckowska and the fire artists from Enigma Art were deeply touching the audience hearts moving, performing, dancing in a rhythm of fountains and lights designed and programmed by the outstanding lightdesigner from consortium eventtechnik Mischael Anton.

And, as we know already, the technicians of our company always keeping moving forward looking for new ideas and solutions and for this show there were engineering and constructing a special LED stripes costumes which were operated directly from FOH point. Such an idea for a final show part brought the audience till the highest level of enjoyment and stayed on those heart forever