In choosing us as a partner for their events, these companies and many more have made a choice for pure emotion and a captivated audience! 

Our customers are in search of the unique touch - they expect the‚ wow effect’ for every show which is precisely why our company is recognized throughout Europe for developing custom-built, cutting edge technology. Only the highest level of innovation can guarantee the unique experience designed to thrill and inspire audiences year after year. Our company offers nigh on 20 years of experience and the highest level of technical know-how. We leave nothing to chance – we know what it comes down to when carrying out high-quality events. Consortium’s own productions such as «Klangwelle City» and «Klangwelle Open» have become staples in the event calendar of numerous cities across Europe.


Consortium Eventtechnik places special emphasis on providing bespoke solutions for each show.

Our productions are equipped with custom made devices programmed, of course, to the individual specifications of our customers ensuring your show is one-of-a-kind. Almost every year we present our very own new designs of water show equipment - Consortium products such as the servo-controlled water jet, controlled rotation-nozzle, the Shooter Series and our hydroscreen technology are highly regarded throughout Europe. Top quality equipment from one source means we can guarantee our customers the highest level of safety! With over 500 performances yearly, Consortium Eventtechnik provides one of Europe’s largest selection of water show rental products.


Consortium Eventtechnik creates fantastic water shows even where there is no natural water source available.

We can open up possibilities for our customers to stage the magic of a water show in inner-city areas, at fairgrounds and festivals or even enclosed spaces such as stadia and arenas. The combination of venue and the Art of Elements water show is an incredible experience for spectators and organizers alike. We are proud to be able to look back on a long line of successes in a host of stunning venues.


Giant mobile pools filled with consummate water show technology, high-tech laser systems, staggering lighting, powerful video projectors and pyrotechnics – the Consortium’s recipe for an unforgettable show of international proportions! 

Hundreds of water jets dance to the rhythm of the music, servo-controlled power jets create stunning aquatic imagery, spotlight systems light up fountains in an array of colours and video projectors display designated images on the hydroscreens’ massive backdrop of water. Our shows create lasting impressions, a guarantee for unforgettable moments our audiences won’t forget for years to come.


In recent years, Consortium’s water projections have become a main feature in the company’s range.

No other screen has the ability to appear and disappear within fractions of a second. Projections on water can create unforeseen possibilities giving the screen a lifelike effect. A special feature is the natural transparency allowing the audience to see right through direct projections – propelling water screens into the realm of grand theatre! A must-have for every Consortium Show and one reason why video clips, photos, landscape images and city presentations are a major part of any «Klangwelle» production. Through special processing we can incorporate the use of subjected material such as sponsor logos, animations and complete advertisements.


Perhaps the secret to success

in every Consortium laser show is the custom programming, or the amount of laser systems available in our range. In any case, the key to a unique Consortium laser show is no doubt the close collaboration between designer and customer.

Elements such as beams, fans and tunnels, sparkle and shine in breath-taking luminescence as they dance across the room. The beam show, choreographed to the precise requirements of our customers, does not miss a beat as it seduces the spectator into a world of colour and the intensity of laser vision at play.
Figures, drawings, logos, words, sentences, short films and animations are all realized with the help of outline technology. Our programmers develop complete graphic shows for our customers. The laser systems project shows on screens, facades, mountain faces, water screens and hydroscreens, lively, colourful and available in every desired size.

Our dedication to innovation is driven by our passion for water as an element. 

 Our technicians have been developing cutting-edge water effects for years. Operating internationally, we are a company who bring joy and wonder to hundreds and thousands of people year in, year out. In order to guarantee this in the future we place great priority on creative and individually designed products. State-of-theart control technology and servo-controlled effect units allow us to achieve even the most sophisticated customer requests. Choosing a Consortium Eventtechnik water show offers you with a bespoke show design – ensured through the use of a variety of unique, custom-designed effects. Through the innovation of our engineers, we can guarantee captivated crowds in years to come in one of our shows «Made In Austria.


The foundation of every show is largely built around our patented in-house designs.  

A team of qualified technicians is constantly working on improvements and modifications to our tried and tested products as well as the development of original water show products. State-of-the-art engineering software assists us in the implementation of new designs where, following a long test phase, they are then introduced into the Consortium range – ready for the show!

We place highest value on precision and quality in the fabrication of our products. 

In order to ensure quality, also in higher volumes, we use modern CNC fabrication with high grade materials and optimized work processes.

On-site installation is routinely carried out by our experienced and qualified water, laser and pyrotechnicians. 

Large scale events require simultaneous execution of a host of procedures in order to reach the desired goal. Our technicians have years of experience in realising such projects from beginning to end – ensuring every phase of the event runs smoothly. 

We only entrust the most experienced show designers in shaping their productions into unforgettable events for our audiences.

The challenge lies in bringing each and every element of a production together to form a majestic symphony! Innovative control technology allows us to link various elements of show technology together to guarantee rhythmically precise programming of each element.