• Top spray unit rotates 180 ° in Z axis
  • Maximum rotation speed 0.9 seconds / 180 °
  • Drive via servo with magnetic encoder for position control
  • Maximum water jet height up to 40 meters can be achieved
  • Construction made of high quality stainless steel 1.4571, IP68
  • DMX Motion Interface with remote maintenance

This product, from our house, brings movement to your show system. Jets of water move almost weightlessly to the beat of the music. Using modern servo technology, any desired position and speed can be achieved. Whether slow, flowing movements or fast moves - thanks to its sophisticated technology, this is no problem for the MoveStream. Through the use of our DMX Motion Interface, all important data can always be called up centrally and the integrated remote maintenance enables worldwide support. The Move Stream is made entirely of high quality stainless steel, which means that it can be used in salt and chlorine water without any problems. The solid construction and high-quality materials guarantee a long service life and low service intervals.

Brushless DC Servo Drives

With magnetic encoders for position control guarantee excellent positioning accuracy and maximum dynamics. The speed ranges from 0.9 to 20 seconds for the movement radius of 180°. A special sealing system on the motor shaft ensures years of smooth operation, even under the toughest conditions. All of these parameters guarantee the greatest possible design freedom for continually new water effects.

DMX Motion Interface

The Motion Interface forms the perfect interface between a DMX console and all Consortium water show products. With this development, from our house, it is possible that the entire system is centrally controlled, monitored and parameterized. All system-relevant values are displayed in real time.

The highest product quality

Modern engineering software helps us implement our ideas. During manufacturing the Move Streams 500, we put big importance to the precision and quality. To guarantee this, we trust in the latest CNC manufacturing. High-quality materials and optimal work processes ensure consistently high quality over many years.

High flexibility

Thanks to the possibility in combining different pumps from our VarioStream series, jet heights between 5 and 40 meters can be achieved. Since the Move Stream can also be combined with a wide variety of nozzles, there are no limits to the design freedom.

Move Stream in action