• Multi-stage submersible pumps for large flow rates
  • Power Jet hydro shield nozzle for projection surfaces up to 550m2
  • All parts made of stainless steel
  • Robust pump technology for trouble-free operation
  • DMX Motion Interface with remote maintenance

This type of water screen is one of the largest and most spectacular ways to create a projection surface from pure water. With the Power Jet, water is pressed at high pressure through a special nozzle, creating a semicircular surface of water. This is ideal for video, laser and light projections. The Power Jet hydro screen series has a flow-optimized design with a parabolically shaped baffle plate. This special shape guarantees up to 20% more projection area than with conventional hydro signs. Furthermore, the stainless steel submersible pumps "Made in Austria" which we are using guarantee maximum efficiency and durability.


Maximum precision through frequency control

High starting currents can be avoided by using frequency-controlled submersible pumps. Furthermore, this technology allows the height of the hydroshield to be adapted to the local conditions. It is therefore possible to integrate the hydroshield into the wind control of the show system. 

DMX Motion Interface

The DMX Motion Interface forms the perfect interface between a DMX console and all Consortium water show products. With this development, from our house, it is possible that the entire system is centrally controlled, monitored and parameterized. All system-relevant values are displayed in real time.

Highest quality

Modern machining processes guarantee the smallest manufacturing tolerances and the greatest possible functionality of all components. 

Power Jet in action