• Homogeneous, crystal clear water jet
  • Shutter unit for precise water jets
  • RGB-LED water jet lighting
  • Maximum jet height 3.5 m, jet length 6 m
  • All parts made of stainless steel 1.4571

Our jumping jets are characterized by their absolutely homogeneous water jet, with the appearance of a glass rod. Jets of water leap through the air in wide arches. The precise start and end of the water jets create magical images. The homogeneous jet enables water effects to be created even across audiences. Another “highlight” of our product is the RGB LED lighting. With this, the beam shines in various colors over its entire length.


Variable water jet widths

In combination with our Vario Stream 55 pump unit, the jet width can be infinitely adjusted. This extra feature makes it possible to create new effects. Thanks to the performance optimized for the Jumping Jet, water jets up to 3.5 m high and 6m wide can be generated. 

Crystal clear water jet

The use of a stainless steel nozzle guarantees the best jet quality for years. In conjunction with the powerful LED-RGB lighting, the water jet is illuminated along its entire length. 

Modern machining processes

Modern machining processes guarantee the smallest manufacturing tolerances and thus the greatest possible functionality of all components. 

Jumping Jet IN ACTION