Germany, Bonn

The Klangwelle Bonn on the Münsterplatz in the heart of Bonn has attracted up to 100,000 visitors every year from 2005-2013. It was the city's first annual city variation planned and implemented by Consortium Eventtechnik. A particular challenge was the spatial limits of the square, with expansion of the technology used. Thus, in nine years of Klangwelle Bonn, the number of water nozzles tripled and the number of lasers doubled, in addition to the use of flame projectors and pyrotechnics.

The response from the regional and national press, as well as the steadily growing public appeal over the years was overwhelming from 2005 to the last sound wave in 2013. Being a public event with free admission and without financial support from the city of Bonn, the costs were covered by sponsors and the income from the catering trade. This has succeeded in spite of annually increasing overall costs and serves as an example for the feasibility of a sound wave as a public event. We, Consortium Eventtechnik, are proud to have been a defining part of this beautiful and successful Klangwelle Bonn and, who knows, maybe the city fathers for the Beethoven year 2020 decide again to create the necessary conditions for a new Klangwelle Bonn.