Germany, Berlin

AQUANARIO®, this is the largest mobile water show in Europe. Organizer of the spectacle, which already enjoyed about 200,000 visitors, is the Aventpro GmbH, based in Berlin. Our company is a technology partner and supplier in the fields of water, laser, video and flame technology. Our programmers work together with the artistic directors for show design.

AQUANARIO® was equipped with our very special water technology, well over 200 controllable fountains are used to visualize and support the show. Since 2014, various artists performing against the incredible backdrop of the water have visited the mega water spectacle. Whether Schiller, Pink Floyd UK or Paul van Dyk, just to name a few, they all loved the show together! Aquanario performed at the Berliner Festplatz and in 2015 at the former Tempelhof Airport.