Germany, Bonn

The sound wave returned to Bonn once in October 2021 as a benefit event!

In a total of 8 show days, 7 of which were completely sold out, we have inspired the audience with over 30,000 visitors with 3 different shows - designed by Roland Nenzel!

Our technick was installed in 2 large water pools, 60 different fountains, 70 water nozzles and 35 pumps, more than 100 lighting, lasers and fire effects were used! The combination of moving fountains that shut up to 40 meters into the night sky and the perfect lighting turned the billions of water drops into a fascinating spectacle again!

Mischa Anton took on the overall composition and programming of this production and enchanted the audience with colorful water fountains, light and laser effects. Of course, fire, video and pyrotechnics could not be missing this time either!

The sound wave combines the elements of water, fire, laser, light and music into a unique Mega Show.