Germany, Heilbronn

Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 - The Garden and City Exhibition. A traditional garden exhibition with classic garden themes and extensive horticultural skills, which revived an almost 40-hectare wasteland between Alt-Neckar and Neckarkanal, between the experimental and experiential world of experimenta and the main railway station in a tried and tested manner. But so far unique since its premiere, the BUGA presents the fruits that it bears already during the event: the city exhibition gives the visitors a taste of the Heilbronn city quarter Neckarbogen.

Consorium Eventtechnik and Compact Team Berlin together with Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 presents the largest water shows in Europe. The five water shows of the BUGA Heilbronn are among the largest of the continent. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, as well as the evening before public holidays, the Karlssee on the grounds becomes a spectacular stage for fountains, color plays and flame projections. 160 fountains shoot fountains up to 40 meters high into the evening sky, on huge water screens images grow and disappear again, lasers are constantly drawing new bright colorful lines, waves and figures in the air and tell the story of the small water drop. For 30 minutes, water, laser, light and video merge into an unprecedented spectacular mix.

With 1000 square meters of projection surface on the climbing wall, 600 square meters of water screen on two hydro screens and fountains on a length of 120 meters, the water features become a show of superlatives. Seven laser systems and three flame projectors add color, shape and warmth. Up to 4000 liters of water are in the air at the same time.