Russia, Moscow

Evropeisky is conveniently located between Dorogomilovskaya Street and the Kievsky Train Station Square. The unusual triangular building of the center, with an area of 180,000 m², was designed by the famous architect Yu.P. Platonov on the principle of Russian trading rows. The wide internal shopping streets diverge from the central atrium Moscow to the atriums Paris, Rome, London and Berlin, designed in accordance with the architectural styles of the famous European capitals.

Consortium Eventtechnik company was invited to install a contemporaneous fountain indoor system taking into account the main design of one of the most famous shopping malls in Moscow. Indoor system works as perfect addendum to the design of atrium «Moscow» and it also one of the center attractions for the shopping mall visitors. Each 30 minutes the fountain system shows a short musical water performance dancing in the rhythm of Russian classical and pop music, as well as popular international music.